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International Liberal Studies Student Lounge

A uThe International Liberal Studies Student Lounge is a place for communication and studies specifically for the students and staff of the School of International Liberal Studies. The lounge is on the 8th floor of Building 5 and is where you can find not only books and magazines related to international liberal studies, but also facilities for watching foreign language satellite broadcasts and computers with Internet access. With access to many kinds of information, this location can help you to have a meaningful student life.

Equipment that can be used in the lounge includes eight desktop computers, ten laptop computers, two A3/A4 size color laser printers, one 40" flat screen television, and a monochrome copy machine. Some foreign language satellite broadcasts can be viewed on the 40" flat screen television. The monochrome copier enables the copying of library materials. Please adhere to the rules of use.

There are many foreign language dictionaries and grammar references as well as reference documents, CDs, DVDs, magazines, and other materials about the cultures of other countries that can be browsed freely within the lounge. However, only the CD and DVD packaging is on the shelves. Please borrow the actual media from the reception counter.


During the academic year 10:00 - 17:50
Outside of the academic year
(including summer and winter vacations)
10:00 - 15:50
(closed from 12:00 to 13:00)
Weekends, holidays and University holidays Closed


Notices for use of facilities

  1. All used facilities (including headphones, DVDs and books) must be put back in their original position.
  2. Eating in the lounge is not permitted (drinking permitted)
  3. Please consider other people so as not to interfere with them when talking in the lounge.
  4. Do not leave your possessions (including bags) in the lounge.

Notices for use of computers

  1. When using the computers, borrow a USB key from reception.
    * The computers cannot be used without the USB key.
  2. Use for purposes other than study is prohibited.
    * If found to be using the computers for a purpose other than studies, use of the facilities will be banned.
  3. Do not save data on the desktop or in the My Documents folders.
    * All computers are designed to automatically delete data. Any saved data will be automatically deleted.
  4. Use of the printers is limited to 10 pages per person per day.
    * Report the number of pages printed to reception.
  5. Always shut computers down after use.

Problems with using the facilities

When you have problems or questions about use of the library materials, computers, printers or other facilities, please consult with the student lounge staff or the instructor in charge of the lounge. When there are network problems or other issues, you may be unable to use the computers until repairs are complete.